So, one of my poems is going to be published in an anthology next month… Watch this space for details… It’s been a joy to get back in to writing poetry, via the short, sharp, unforgiving format of my beloved haiku.

My former poetic career peaked abruptly at the age of 14. I won a poetry slam at my school that saw me put forward for the Cheltenham Literary Festival Junior Poetry Slam, which I won as well. Trouble was, the top prize was a Gameboy (showing my age here I know), and I spent much of the following 14 years completely addicted to Tetris, my burgeoning poetic talents¬†abandoned entirely. My new found interest in haiku followed the sad death of said Gameboy, which is poetic in itself, but here’s a little haiku about Tetris addiction anyway:

When I close my eyes
I see coloured shapes falling.
Is this a problem?



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