Tinder Lols

So I’ve got a bit of a side project going, if you’re interested. It’s on the old Tumblr and it’s a blog of screenshots where I have been a little bit mean to boys on Tinder. Sound like your kind of thing? Well go czech it out!


Here are some lowlights:





I should state here for the record that I’m a big fan of Tinder, and not just for this sort of childish tomfoolery. I’ve met about 7 people through the app so far. A couple of them will potentially be my buddies 4 lyfe. Some of them have been pretty sexy too, and they’ve all at the very least been interesting enough to drink and chat with for an evening.

I’m living in London at the moment and I think Tinder is a fantastic way to cut through the ‘I’m too cool/busy/scared to talk to strangers’ attitude that you seemingly have to have to fit in here.

I’ve done a good job of keeping up my rural attitude of smiling at people I pass on the street which either delights or totally freaks out the person on the receiving end of the smile. Either way it’s worth it. A couple of times this has resulted in a conversation and even a date, but it’s rare, and often the stranger in question turns out to be.. well… a bit strange. Tinder cuts out the risks involved with grinning at strangers. You find out early on if the other person can spell – which is important to me – and you can generally have a good old online stalking sesh before you have to meet them, thereby cutting out anyone who can spell but follows Britain First on Twitter. Sadly though, it means I can’t post much Tinder gossip on here without the possibility of the date in question finding this blog and being upset.

Swings and roundabouts, innit.


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